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Rights and terms
will inseparably travel
with your content


Bringing back the value
of content creation
to the community


For proper attribution
and fair remuneration
of creative work


Creating trust in assertions,
claims and the authenticity
of the original content

Example of a content certificate and demo registration (image via

What is Liccium?

Web3 Asset Management

Liccium offers the easiest way to manage your digital content and NFTs for the web3.

Binding Rights and Metadata

With the app you can inseparably attach metadata, rights and licenses to creative works.

Trust and Transparency

Your digital signatures and credentials create trust in assertions, claims and the authenticity of the original content.

Decentralized Content Registry

Liccium declarations will be included to the decentralised cross-chain ISCC registry.

Liccium Protocol

Missing Identification

How can users and platforms identify content online when identifiers and basic metadata are often missing?

With the ISCC, content can be unambiguously identified by anyone with access to the digital file only.

Fake News

How can entities evaluate content authenticity and know what information to trust or not?

With the Liccium Identity Solutions, rightsholder authentication and content certificates can be cryptographically verified by anyone with access to the content

Missing Metadata

How can users learn about terms of use and pay rightsholders accordingly when licensing terms and other rights management information are often
so hard to find and verify?

With Liccium, expressing terms and licenses will become as easy and naturally as creating the content itself. Rights and licenses will travel with the content from the moment of publication.



Posth Werk has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 957228 for the VeriSimpleDC project.

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