Browser-based app, free to use for content declarations, password-less sign-up/log-in with wallet

LICCIUM desktop

Desktop apps for Mac/PC/Linux so users can remain control of their media assets

LICCIUM mobile

Mobile apps for iOS/Android that supports simple content declarations and timestamping with default settings

LICCIUM browser plugin

Allows to identify digital media content via the browser, reverse-lookup metadata, rights and licenses, verify declarations, public keys, identities and the integrity of the digital media content



Liccium API

Provide access to cryptographically verifiable declarations of metadata, rights, licenses, and credentials that support these claims, creating trust in online publications, data, information and the authenticity of the original content

Liccium Virtual Machine

Liccium VM allows media organisations to run Liccium on premise in the local network or on own servers – avoids upload (large) media repositories to the cloud

Liccium box

Dedicated hardware device, plug & play, runs Liccium in local network to manage digital media assets, wallets, keys, and decentralised web nodes (DWNs)

Reach out if you are interested To use Liccium On Premise

Liccium B.V. (former Posth Werk B.V.) receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme grant agreements No. 957228 and No. 101093274.